• CARES April 9, 2016

    The Glaucoma CARES conference is set for April 9, 2016. The event includes lectures given by Wills Eye glaucoma physicians, free screenings for glaucoma, education resources and more.

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    CARES April 9, 2016
  • 2nd Annual Wine Tasting Event

    The Glaucoma Service Foundation held its second annual wine tasting and dinner event at Gulph Mills Golf Club on Saturday, September 6, 2014.  Amy Dixon, The Blind Sommelier, served as guest speaker.

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    2nd Annual Wine Tasting Event
  • Are you an informed patient?

    Visit the Glaucoma Service Foundation’s Education section to watch videos and read articles to learn more about and become an informed patient.

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    Are you an informed patient?
  • Are You At Risk?

    Do you have risk factors for developing glaucoma in your lifetime?  Learn more about glaucoma risk factors and calculate your odds.  Don’t let glaucoma steal your vision.

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    Are You At Risk?
  • Do you need support?

    Sometimes glaucoma patients, family and friends need help coping with the diagnosis of glaucoma.  You are not alone!


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    Do you need support?
  • Glaucoma Research Center

    The Glaucoma Research Center at Wills Eye  is striving to understand all aspects of glaucoma.  Our clinical research facility takes advantage of an extraordinary clinical population.

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    Glaucoma Research Center


Glaucoma Service Foundation to Prevent Blindness


Welcome to the internet site of the Glaucoma Service Foundation to Prevent Blindness.We believe the best patient care is only possible when patients actively participate in their care and are as informed as possible about glaucoma. This site, voted one of the top five glaucoma websites in the world, provides a wealth of information as well as links to other resources.

  • The Glaucoma Service Foundation was founded in 1979 by world renowned glaucoma specialist George L. Spaeth, MD and his late wife Ann to support glaucoma education, research and community outreach.

  • Special thanks to the Robison D. Harley Fund for Glaucoma Education and Research, the lead sponsor for the Annual CARES Conference.

  • Wills Eye is consistently ranked as one of America's best ophthalmology centers by U.S. News & World Report.