Photo: Roger Barone

The Glaucoma Service Foundation’s mission is to preserve or enhance the health of all people with glaucoma and to provide a model of medical care by supporting the educational and research efforts of the physicians on the Wills Eye Institute Glaucoma Service, the largest glaucoma diagnosis and treatment center in the country. Fifteen glaucoma specialists use sophisticated diagnostic facilities to evaluate the appearance and functioning of the optic nerve and ocular drainage system and recommend treatment. A dynamic research program, the Glaucoma Research Center, constantly evaluates evidence for current therapies and works to develop new ones. Members of the Service have introduced medical treatments and surgical techniques that are now in common practice world-wide.

Members of Glaucoma Service have introduced medical treatments and techniques that are now considered the current standard across the globe.  Glaucoma Service Foundation to Prevent Blindness grew out of a desire by our physicians to provide information to their patients that would enhance their individual situation or prevent a negative outcome.   Since it’s inception, the Glaucoma Service Foundation to Prevent Blindness has consistently been recognized as one of the top Glaucoma Services in the country. Our physician members have a strong desire to improve outcomes by providing a vast amount of knowledge and experience to our foundation.

Visitors are encouraged to explore our website for information that may assist in a search for answers related to glaucoma and improving outcomes.