Help Us Meet the Challenge


The Glaucoma Service Foundation to Prevent Blindness is working to meet the challenge of glaucoma through research and education.  Help support the research and education activities of the Glaucoma Service Foundation yourself or in the honor or memory of friends and relatives by making a donation.

Please call the Glaucoma Service Foundation office at 215-928-3190 or click here to contact us to learn about supporting the Foundation’s work through:

  • Securities
  • Bequests
  • Retained life income gifts
  • Annuities


On behalf of all those world-wide struggling to meet the challenge of glaucoma, THANK YOU!


Research: Research holds the promise of better lives for all glaucoma patients. The number and variety of individuals who come to Wills glaucoma specialists for their care offers a uniquely powerful opportunity for the Glaucoma Service faculty to perform clinical research into the causes, evolution, and treatment of the still mysterious complex set of eye diseases known as glaucoma. The Glaucoma Research Center at Wills Eye Institute focuses and coordinates these efforts to discover and disseminate sight-saving knowledge around the world.

Fellowship Training: Educating the glaucoma physicians and researchers of the future is a vital part of our work. Each year the Glaucoma Service receives scores of applications from around the world from highly talented individuals already committed to spending their lives working to reduce blindness from glaucoma. They are the best seeking to learn from the best. Many of our former Fellows are leaders in worldwide glaucoma societies and medical schools as well as chairs of departments of ophthalmology and chiefs of glaucoma units.

Searchlight on Glaucoma: Mailed three times a year to over 22,000 homes, the Searchlight on Glaucoma newsletter provides informative articles by our distinguished specialists on the latest research, surgical procedures, and medications, as well as practical tips for living with glaucoma.

Website: The award-winning website you are now visiting is visited each month by well over 1000 individuals from around the world. Beyond the wealth of information on the diagnosis and management of glaucoma you will find here, the Glaucoma Service Foundation website features unique weekly “chat sessions” with Wills glaucoma specialists. Highlights of these sessions as well as each issue of Searchlight on Glaucoma are archived here.

Glaucoma Screenings: Many people do not know they have glaucoma until it is too late to prevent them from losing vision. To address this problem Wills glaucoma specialists perform screenings in senior centers, churches, and other community gathering spots, stressing the need for regular eye exams. This effort is especially important in the African-American community, where the incidence of glaucoma is 7-8 times higher than in the general population.

Patient Support: The Glaucoma Service Foundation offers support to individuals with glaucoma through our Website and the annual CARES Conference. Patients and family members may contact the Foundation office via phone or email to request information.

None of these programs would have been possible without the contributions – large and small – of thousands of individuals since the Foundation began its work as a tax-exempt public charity in 1979. These programs cannot continue and expand without the ongoing generosity of individuals everywhere.