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What are my Risks?

Do you have any of the following risk factors? If so, you may be at risk of being diagnosed with glaucoma in your lifetime.

• Elevated intraocular pressure
• Family history of glaucoma
• Myopia – nearsightedness
• Glaucoma in the other eye
• Previous retinal detachment
• Trauma to the eye
• Diabetes
• Pigmentary dispersion syndrome
• Narrow angles
• Low systemic blood pressure
• Migraine headaches or ocular migraines
• Raynaud’s Syndrome
• Blood thickening
• Abnormal visual field tests
• Unhealthy optic nerve
• Corneal endothelial dystrophy
• Pseudoexfoliation

Risk Factors and The Odds

• Family history increases risk four to nine times
• African American race increases risk 3 times (African increases risk 4 times)
• Diabetes increases risk two times
• Glaucoma in one eye, 29% chance of getting in other eye within five years
• People over age 60 are six times more likely than those under age 60

Are You at Risk for Glaucoma?


1. Less than 50 years old (no points).
2. 50 to 64 years old (1 point).
3. 65 to 74 years old (2 points).
4. Over 75 years of age (3 points).

Ethnic Heritage:

5. African American (2 points).
6. Hispanic heritage (1 point).

Family History:

7. None of my immediate family (i.e., parents or siblings) have glaucoma (0 points).
8. One or both of my parents have glaucoma (2 points).
9. One or more of my siblings have glaucoma (3 points).
10. One or both of my parents and one or more of my siblings have glaucoma (3 points).
11. My last medical eye examination was:

a. Within the past two years (0 points)
b. Two to five years ago (1 point)
c. More than 5 years ago (2 points)

Add up your score:
4 points: High Risk
3 points: Moderate Risk
2 points (or less): Low Risk

All relatives of anyone diagnosed with glaucoma should be examined.

Photo by Robert Kump