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Dr. Bruno Mendes de Faria

Dr. Bruno Mendes de Faria

Beginning in February a new research fellow, Dr. Bruno Mendes de Faria began working with Wills Eye Glaucoma Service doctors. Dr. Mendes has completed a Residency and Glaucoma Fellowship at Hospital Do Olho Rio Preto in Sao Jose do Rio Preto, Brazil where he trained under former Spaeth Fellow Dr. Daniela Monteiro de Barros. Dr. Mendes received his Medical Degree at Teresopolis University in Rio de Janeiro.

Bruno is a member of the Brazilian Council of Ophthalmology as well as the Brazilian Society of Ophthalmologists. In addition, Bruno has presented at the World Ophthalmology Congress, the Brazilian Congress of Ophthalmology and written a book chapter “Differential diagnosis of red eye” in an intern handbook.

Bruno’s father Marco, and his older brother Marcelo are both ophthalmologists in northeastern Brazil. He plans to join them in their practice after completing his training. Dr. Mendes will be working with Dr. Spaeth for one year.

Dr. Liang Liang

Dr. Liang Liang

Dr. Liang Liang is the newest member of the International Society of Spaeth Fellows, beginning work on May 1, 2012. Dr. Liang holds a PhD in glaucoma from the Tongji Medical College of Huazhong in Wuhan, China, as well as an MD from the Traditional Medicine College of Hubei. Liang completed a residency at the Hubei Zhijiang People’s Hospital, and has since practiced at Hubei Yichang Hospital, The Central Hospital of Wuhan, and the Central Hospital of Yichang. Liang’s work has been published in both Chinese as well as American medical journals. He will be working with Wills Eye Glaucoma Service doctors for one year.



Dr. Eman Elhawy

Dr. Eman Elhawy

This month we welcomed a new research fellow, Dr. Eman Elhawy. Dr. Elhawy is currently a research fellow at SUNY Downstate Medical Center in Brooklyn, NY, and is traveling to Philadelphia each Friday to spend a day working with Dr. George Spaeth. Though she now calls Brooklyn home, Eman is originally from Cairo, Egypt. In Cairo she completed both an internship and residency at Ain Shams University, afterwards she joined their medical staff.

When asked why she wanted the opportunity to work with Dr. Spaeth, she said:

“I looked for him, and emailed him personally. Back in Egypt we used both a manual and surgery book that Dr. Spaeth wrote during my residency. His name is well known around the world for his work on angle classifications, glaucoma types. He doesn’t need to be introduced.

Dr. Spaeth keeps me very busy, has me working on projects on visual function and several others, retrospective and prospective studies. He energizes my life. It inspires me to see him working at his level at his age, concentrating on details about each thing he says and does- being present and active both morning and afternoon. Not just inspiring, it’s great. I tell friends and relatives, and he inspires them. I’m very happy being here.”

Eman is a member of the Egyptian Society of Ophthalmologists, the Egyptian Glaucoma Society, the Egyptian Medical Syndicate and ARVO. She has presented at ARVO, been published in the Journal of Human Genomics, and written two book chapters.

Dr. Elhawy plans to work with Wills Eye Glaucoma Service doctors for one year, after which she plans to enroll in an American residency program.


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