To Life, L’Chayim!

Dr. Zeff Lazinger

Dr. Zeff Lazinger

This is the traditional toast used by Jewish people throughout the world during happy occasions and holidays. As I complete my third term as Chairman of the Glaucoma Service Foundation and ninth year as a board member, I wish to offer YOU our loyal readers a toast, to life. Your healthy vision is our main concern. Vision is only one of our senses, yet it has a profound effect on our every day life. Yet, there are people who survive quite nicely with no vision at all. What’s my point? Attitude is probably at the top of the list for one’s positive well being and secondly, for improving one’s quality of life. I am also a patient of the Glaucoma Service at Wills Eye Institute. I have battled with macular degeneration for fifteen years so I understand the frustrations of visual impairment.

All of the board members at the Glaucoma Service Foundation are doing their best to make the dollars we raise go as far as possible. But there is never enough money to do the work we need to accomplish. We depend on grateful patients, such as you, to help us meet our goals. We need the funds to continue. PLEASE HELP NOW. With the help of the Board, costs have been decreased. We have gone green. We have reduced the publication of Searchlight to two times a year. We have attempted to make each program revenue neutral. In other words we raise the money from the private sector so these functions do not come out of our general operating fund.

My proudest accomplishment as Chairman has been how the Board has been restructured and how all of our committees are working together in a productive way. I am proud of every one of our board members and the work they are doing. It is time to hand the gavel over to someone new. New ideas, new leadership, and new research are all in order.


Dr. Zeff Lazinger

(Note: On June 25th at our quarterly board meeting, Jeremiah J. White, Jr. was elected President)


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The Glaucoma Service Foundation’s mission is to preserve or enhance the health of all people with glaucoma and to provide a model of medical care by supporting the educational and research efforts of the physicians on the Wills Eye Institute Glaucoma Service, the largest glaucoma diagnosis and treatment center in the country.
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